Early 602 spoke clamps

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Early 602 spoke clamps

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Hi everyone,

I believe there was a topic on this in the old forum but I can’t remember. Did Aermotor make a factory clamp to hold the v spokes to the hub on the very early Aermotor 602s? I seem to recall seeing some but not sure if it was something someone fabricated or was a factory fix. Thanks in advance.

Ron Stauffer
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Re: Early 602 spoke clamps

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Yes there was. I think it showed up on the second of 4 versions of the 602 but not the earliest.

WA & ID windmills 001.JPG

WA & ID windmills 002.JPG

It wasnt straightforward on how to install as Alan Reinke took one down that that looked like this.

j clamp how not to install.jpg

It was listed as a part in Aermotor catalogs of the late 1920s after going to the U bolt but I couldnt find it to give you a part number

Ron Stauffer
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Re: Early 602 spoke clamps

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They actually go back to 1903. Here is a parts diagram. Part no 619.
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Re: Early 602 spoke clamps

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Now that's interesting! Thanks guys.

Hey Ron, I bet there's more than 4 modifications to the 602 model. I worked on another one today that had NO rain shield for the turntable. I have worked on 5 in the last couple weeks, and I'm convinced that no 2 were the same.
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Re: Early 602 spoke clamps

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These clamps were hardly ever used on the 8 foot 602 mills, regardless of age. Seems more common on the larger mills, perhaps to aid in assembly.

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Re: Early 602 spoke clamps

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I think it's a good idea to install these wrap-around U bolts on the old style 503 hubs that didn't have the holes for straight U bolts... which I call NUB hubs (No U Bolt). Once in a while I see a NUB hub mill with nice tight spokes that worked the way Aermotor intended, but more often the spokes are rattling around and both the spokes and the notches in the hub are badly worn.

I make my own version of these out of threaded rod and U channel. It's time consuming to make these, though. I made a jig so I could bend the threaded rod to the same shape as the rod in the original wrap-around U bolts. I have to heat the rod to bend it.

Interesting that Aermotor numbered these part 619 on the 1903 parts sheet. 619 was later the part number for the main wheel shaft, for the 503 hub for 602 motor. Early 503 hub was the same NUB style as 403 hub shown on parts sheet. Seems odd that they used the same part number for the shaft in a hub that needed these clamps.

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