My new "tower-brace-rod-straightener"

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Re: My new "tower-brace-rod-straightener"

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Gee Mike, sorry about your foot! Glad things are better now. The press looks super!
Memory plant.... Change or clean the air filter in your air compressor! Mine runs 1/4 as much, and tools run better.
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Re: My new "tower-brace-rod-straightener"

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Now get to work on an angle iron straightener ! My thoughts lie along the same concept, sort of like a narrow, multiple station slip roll.
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Re: My new "tower-brace-rod-straightener"

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The new angle iron is garbage i replaced a missing girt on my wincharger tower and it just bowed like spaghetti when I stood on it! Made from melted down cars and toasters
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Re: My new "tower-brace-rod-straightener"

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Sorry for the delay, paying customers got in the way.

So here is the 2 24 method that works well on 2 1/4 angle. I intentionally turned the crescents over so that the naming of the process wasn't too obvious

2 24 method 1.jpg

2 24 method 2.jpg

There are a few tricks to using them but they work well on short kinks like this.

I located the blocks I use for the portable press under a flatbed that is going on to another truck for a hoist. Pics of those soon

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