Southern Cross IZ-B

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Re: Southern Cross IZ-B

Post by PaulV »

When I talked with Ken O'Brock on this mill, he did mention that it was imported from South Africa.

Interesting info on the brake band. Why no brake on the Australian versions? If same company, why are they different? Are there other differences between Australian and South African SCs?
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Re: Southern Cross IZ-B

Post by Bluey60 »

Paul as far as I know all the internals are the same the reefing fork/yoke and the pivot point on the trumpet housing are the only difference as far as I know
As to the Australian version not having a brake the South Africans mightn’t have good enough reflexes to grab the wheel to stop it so they fitted the brake Lol
Was never in favour of having them stopped completely as it let’s sediment settle down in the pipes into the pump cylinder wearing leathers and sticking valves

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