Unusual Wind Power Feature

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Wind Charger Mike
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Re: Unusual Wind Power Feature

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Yes, made well with lots of iron and copper. These Wind Powers are in the 200-300lb range. Heaviest one I have is an Aerodyne at 800lb top of the tower weight. Only 1kW but it also pumps water.
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Re: Unusual Wind Power Feature

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Unique , interesting !
Thanks for knowing that stuff , and sharing .
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Re: Unusual Wind Power Feature

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I have 2 of the 2500 watt Wind Powers, got the first one back in the 1970s from the daughter of the original owner, who installed it in 1934 or 35, and used it to run our off-grid home for a few years until the armature burned out and I put up a Jacobs. I had it rewound and used it for a while later. It's now sitting in my shed looking for a new home. I've never seen the mechanism that Mike showed to turn the machine out of the wind. I did make an effort to keep the brake on mine in good condition and properly adjusted.
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